Before the reform, the construction of the site with the most used on-site mixing of concrete, the use of poor quality equipment is stirring, inefficient cylindrical drum mixer. In 1978 only the production mixing plant (station) 13, 10 mixing truck, concrete pump (vehicles), 22 sets, and these products performance, quality and reliability are poor, can not meet the needs of the construction units, so we had to rely heavily on imports. The peak of 1995, imports of trucks stirred only reached 1745 units, total imports amounted concrete machinery $ 220 million, twice the domestic concrete machinery sales.

After nearly 30 years of development, Chinas concrete machinery industry has been rapid development. According to the "2013--2017 Chinas concrete machinery industry sales forecast demand and investment analysis report" Automatic hydraulic high pressure brick machine data show that in 2009 the industry has total assets of 44.173 billion yuan, an increase of 31.97% in 2010, the industry has total assets of 68.473 billion yuan, an increase of 55.01%. Concrete machinery sales in the first half of 2010 reached 50.6 billion, six months to complete the task of the year 2009, an increase of 130%, exclusive of the construction machinery industry Ngau Tau. The second half of 2010, although the pace of development has a callback, it is still rapid growth, total sales exceeded 90 billion yuan, based on the 2009 doubled. Concrete machinery industry, in conjunction with three hundred twelve companies, leading enterprises, in 2009, the two companies account for about 40% of concrete machinery sales industry-wide in 2010, also maintained that the basic level. Our concrete machinery industry has 121 enterprises above designated size, it has formed multi-series, different specifications of the situation. Whether mixer, mixing station (House), concrete mixing truck or pump (pump) and other products, in addition to large-scale and high-tech models, conventional products can basically meet the construction needs. Production conditions the manufacturers generally improved production capacity and further enhanced. The number of foreign concrete machinery imports declining, domestic equipment has dominated.

With the development of technology of concrete machinery, concrete machinery applications are increasingly widespread. Concrete machinery products are mainly used in road construction, railway construction, real estate construction, power infrastructure, rail infrastructure construction, its performance must meet the needs of the construction industry. Effect of downstream industries of concrete machinery industry, mainly in market demand and market competition. Development of concrete machinery industry dependent on stimulating the downstream industry, but also restricts the development of these industries.

Chinese concrete market

Concrete machinery including concrete pump, concrete pump (Tuobeng, automotive pumps), concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck and boom, etc., which belong to the largest share of pump and mixer. At present, Manual brick making machinery china price Chinas concrete mixer to maintain about 24 million units, the pump is to maintain about more than 30,000 units. 2012 annual sales of concrete mixers amounted to approximately 85,800 units, compared with growth of 26.21 percent year on year, truck sales amounted to approximately 11,800 units, representing an increase of 17.6 percent year on year, compared with growth in 2011 The decline

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